Reel Hosepower Paver Services


What are the benefits of sealing my pavers? Paver protection? What is the preparation process, and why hire a professional like Reel Hosepower?

Some Key Benefits Of Paver Sealing And Protection-

Staying on top of cleaning and resealing allows your pavers to always look like new. Having a sealant applied regularly helps prevent erosion of the pavers and most types of damages that could lessen the lifespan of the pavers. Some examples of damage are fading, erosion, mildew, mold, and overall surface traction. These potential issues can be easily resolved with a high quality sealant. Another option to consider and Reel Hosepower always recommends is purchasing a non-slip additive to keep your pavers safe for both your family and visitors as well. The higher end sealant brands already incorporate this technology which is a huge plus.

Paver Preparation Process And Why Us?-

So, preparation is vital in the paver sealing process. Again, this is just like prepping a surface for paint. So, contracting a company such as Reel Hosepower can ensure this process goes smoothly and that the correct equipment is being utilized. Pressure cleaning is one of the most important steps in this process. If your surface isn’t properly prepared your sealer can not achieve optimal results in protecting your pavers or adhere correctly. CONTACT US TODAY and we can provide you with the road map to proper preparation and execution on the task at hand.