Reel Hosepower Concrete Services


Should I paint my driveway? Concrete Protection? Reel Hosepower explains.

Preparation And Painting Process-

Use a broom or blower to remove rocks, pebbles, leaves, dirt, and any other debris you may encounter on your driveway’s surface. Be diligent with this part of the project; it’s the first step to make sure your driveway’s paint job looks smooth, neat, and guarantees adhesion. Again, it is time to really wash away the grime, mold, and mildew. Either use a pressure washer or contract a company with a great reputation such as Reel Hosepower to get rid of bacteria, weeds, chalk marks, and other difficult driveway stains like grease, oil, and rust. Cleaning your driveway is half the battle of painting it, so be thorough and diligent. You may need to use abrasive chemicals and or de-greasing agents to really clean and etch the surface to provide you with a clean and prepped painting canvas. Allow the surface to dry before continuing. Now you’re ready for paint. Grab your broom, blower, or give REEL HOSEPOWER A CALL. Then clean and remove the driveway debris again. Thus ensuring there is nothing that will impact your paint job, and leave you with a smooth and neat painted surface. You’re officially on your way now. Be sure to use a premier paint product with an anti skid agent if you prefer. Then generously apply. Reel Hosepower recommends a minimum of one heavy coat or two coats to properly seal and protect your drive way from the elements. NOW ENJOY